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Newest Parent discussions
Months to live and all just so numb

So we were told this week that Luke has weeks to months to live and if he makes Xmas that is awesome.

We have been down this path before but with longer timeframes and it is all just surreal. We have been lucky enough to out live life expectancy by...

How is everyone going at the moment?

I just wanted open up this chat to see how everyone is going at the moment.

I know our emotions fluctuate a lot. The roll-a-coaster of cancer!

Recently I had a 3 days respite from my husband. We were at the point where we had nothing to talk about...

Comfy Bed Recommendations

My husband has bone cancer and we are looking to purchase a new bed for better comfort for him and also me. As he often wakes in the night which then wakes me.

Can anyone recommend a bed which they have purchased which is comfy for the patient. His...

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